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"Buy Option" process

Buy Option process

This notice is only for the members who pay money by "Bank Transfer"

Still, there are many nannies who just send money and do NOT click "Buy Option" button.
And many phone calls to confirm "my friend send money , which is different from my registered name", etc., etc.,....

"Buy Option" takes just 5 steps and less than 1 minutes.
To save time and unnecessary phone calls, please follow this instruction.

1. Click "Buy Option" button and just follow the graphic instruction below.
2. Send money to Nannyjob account : Shinhan bank 110-256-278772 Kim Seok
3. Send an e-mail to with;
   - Remitter's name (printed name on bank transfer form, your friend's name in case your friend send the fee)
   - your Nannyjob ID
   (E-mail is quicker and clear to identify your ID and remitter's name alphabet)

That's it.  I hope all member's can read this instruction and save time of buying options.


Phone number is not changeable.
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